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Cattleyas and (other intermediate-warm growing orchids like

Polystachya,  Ansellia, Oncidium and Phalaenopsis)


Suitable for indoor growing and can grow well with

other indoor tropical plants, which help to maintain

a favourable micro-climate.



70-80% shade and 90% for Phalaenopsis – never

direct sunlight but rather reflected or scattered light.  

Similar growing conditions as African Violets.  



Preferably 16°C - 28°C but can tolerate slightly cooler

temperatures.  Keep away from heaters, air

conditioners and draughty areas.



Water only when necessary during morning, drain freely

and plants must not stand in water. Medium must

not become bone dry of soaking wet. Fine misting in the

morning on warm days can be beneficial.  Plants potted

in stone or grit need to be watered more regularly.



One teaspoon water-soluable high nitrogen Orchid food

(Chemicult Growing) in 10L water, apply once

in every 5th watering.  Chemicult Hydroponic or

Multifeed P can also be used.  Check the plants root tips

regualry and make sure the roots tips are not black or

stunted, this could be from too much fertilizer and too

little water.  Use Insecticides and Fungicides if required,

can be obtained from leading garden centres.

Make sure to wash your hands and sterilize all tools used,

before using it on the next plant.



Never repot in a too big pot.  Rockwool retains a lot of

water and food, therefore repotting is only necessary

when the plants starts to grow over the edge of pot.  

It is better to repot into a similar medium to what the

plant was growing in.