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Cymbidium Culture  



Grown outdoors in a frost free area, 50% shade cloth

or dappled shade of a tree. Plants can be brought

indoors while in flower.



From 1 C° to hot days.  

Good drop of temperature needed from day to night

during spike induction time (January – March) to

ensure flowering.



Water during morning and allow to drain freely.

Never let medium dry out completely or remain

too wet. Do not water over the leaves in the heat of day,

as this may cause the shoots to rot.



One heaped teaspoon of Chemicult in 5 litres of water.  

Apply every 3rd watering.

January to flower spike emerges:  Use

Chemicult FLOWERING (low Nitrogen)

From flowering to December:  Use

Chemicult GROWING (high Nitrogen)

A controlled-released fertilizer may be used as an

alternative to the above formulas.  A flat teaspoon of

dolomitic lime once a year per pot is also good.



Only if necessary after flowering, do not break up plant

too often, as flowering will be affected.

Each division must have at least 3 mature bulbs

with leaves.  Back bulbs can be potted individually in

small pots with course grit, keep drainage holes open.

For potting medium, use Rockwool or a mixture of

sieved bark and marble chips. Fluff out Rockwool with

garden fork, moisten lightly to minimise dust,

as not to inhale harmful particles and pot loosely,

(do not compress it!)  Water well after potting!



Keep plants clean and use insecticides and

fungicides only when required (available from leading

garden centres).  Wash your hands and sterilise all tools

used before using it on the next plant.